While it maintains its position as a leading national institution.

Concept of the university

it also aspires to occupy leading international positions and embodies the concept of the university as being a strategic institution

The Teaching Assistant Administration (TAA) was established in compliance with the administrative resolution no. 93/19 on 1993 passed by the University Vice Chancellor, whereby a central administration had been created reporting to the University Academic Secretary to supervise the appointment, training of the university teaching assistants (TA) in the different university faculties, schools, institutes and centers. The administration has a Director, appointed by the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Director and officers. It has two departments; the Human Resources and the Training Departments.

Objectives of the Administration

    To establish the general policies and plans related to the University TAs appointment and training in accordance to the university vision, missions and objectives
    To supervise the TAs training to obtain their higher qualifications locally and internationally
    To organize the TA Continuing Professional Development Programmes
    To determine the various university departments need for the TA

The Administration departments:

    Human Resources
    Training Department

The Human Resources Department: It deals with the TAs appointment procedures according to the university rules and regulations. The university ensure to appoint the distinguish graduates with the highest grades. The minimum qualification for appointment is BSc (Honours) Grade II Pat I The TAs appointment Committee checks the candidates' credentials, the referees' recommendations and recommends the eligible candidate for appointment. The Training Department: The department is responsible for the TAs training, qualification as well their personal Professional Development both in the Sudan and Oversea in collaboration with the Training Department at the Ministry of Higher Education.